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Technical Requirements

The CareMate™ Resident Monitoring System is designed to operate in a self-sustaining manner and have low or standard technical requirements.

  • Workstations - Standard workstations using running Windows XP, Vista or 7 may be used to run the CareMate software.

  • Mobile App - Modern BlackBerries, Android 1.6 and newer, iOS devices with App store can all download and run the mobile version of the CareMate software

  • Computer Network - A standard wired computer network (at least 10/100) is required for the CareMate server to communicate with all CareMate network gateway modules. The number of gateway modules will vary based on the size and layout of the facility. In addition, either a Static IP or static DHCP address will be required for the CareMate server and for each of the network gateway modules used.

  • WiFi - Not required however the depending on the configuration, the CareMate devices using the mobile app (BlackBerry, Android, iOS etc) may connect to the CareMate system over WiFi providing the wireless and computer network can communicate to each other.

  • Electrical Outlets - The CareMate system is compatible with standard North American electrical outlets and can operate with both 2 prong and 3 prong configurations.

  • Internet Access - Although not technically required, a high-speed Cable / DSL speed or greater internet connection are recommended. This will allow for more features, interoperability, remote access and better service and support of the CareMate system in your facility.

Native Compatibility

No more cross vendor compatibility issues. Integrate your existing healthcare systems and infrastructure together through the CareMate resident monitoring system. Maximize the capabilities of everything you have already invested in.