The CareMate™ Resident Monitoring System is designed to be state of the art and feature rich. This enables it to be easily customized to your specific needs. The following highlights the main features of the system.

  • Completely Wireless - No one wants to rip apart the facility, disrupting residents and causing stress in their environment. Delta Point has designed the CareMate system to run off of modules that are easily plugged in throughout the facility in standard wall outlets. All of the modules communicate over wireless in a network fashion. This allows a complete installation in an average sized facility to be done in a matter of days depending on the features and customization.

  • Compatible with existing hardware - Purchasing medical hardware and building infrastructure is expensive and no one wants to replace it before its end of life. Delta Point has specifically designed the CareMate system to integrate all of your existing systems into one and merge everything into one streamlined operation. For example, you may have one brand of nurse call system, another company providing door locks and wander management and a third company doing fire and safety alarms. All of these using proprietary communication preventing them from working together and making a complex situation that staff must deal with. With a CareMate system, all existing systems can be integrated directly and monitored with one unifying piece of software.

  • Mobile Phone Apps - almost everyone has a smartphone of some type. Whether its a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone/iPod, the CareMate system has an app for it. Designed by Delta Point to maximize your staffs time and efficiency. Nurses no longer have to be at their desk to be connected into the system. Should an event happen that requires their response, their device can instantly notify them. The CareMate system is also designed to integrate and operate over both WiFi and 3G cell phone data networks allowing for operation in all parts of the facility with either type of coverage.

  • Battery Backup - in the event of a power outage, the CareMate resident monitoring system will continue to function. All modules have the option of built in battery backup allowing for at least 72 hours of operation and system consoles can be kept operational with standard UPS backups.

  • Automated System Monitoring - the CareMate resident monitoring system is self monitoring and automatically fault tolerant. In the unlikely event of a module being damaged or removed, the system will automatically detect and report this to the appropriate personal. Should a resident remove or damage a tag, the system knows where the last place they were located and will alert staff within seconds that they should investigate. This is a pro-active approach as compared to other competing products that are reactive.

Native Compatibility

No more cross vendor compatibility issues. Integrate your existing healthcare systems and infrastructure together through the CareMate resident monitoring system. Maximize the capabilities of everything you have already invested in.