• Prevents and Protects Cords & Receptacles from Damage

    Two ultra-strong ribs stick out just enough to allow cords plugged in to bend up or down and prevent them from coming in contact with any foreign objects, especially beds.


  • Outlet Damage

    Beds are often moved too close to the wall while being adjusted, raised or lowered. If they come in contact with cords plugged in, outlets, walls and receptacle boxes get damaged.


  • Worst Case Scenario

    In the worst case scenario, beds directly hit electrical cords, ripping them out, destroying outlets or surrounding items.


  • Shocking Hazard

    Beds that come in contact with cords plugged in may bend or remove them. If the metal bed frame comes in contact with the protruding plug, arcing, and electric shock via the bedframe can occur.


  • DP6200 Receptacle Guard

    The DP6200 Guard is designed to lagbolt securly onto the wall and prevent outlets from damage while protecting staff and residents from electrical shock.


  • Never Fix an outlet again

    Once the DP6200 is installed, outlets are protected from beds, carts and anything else in the vicinity. Rated for 5000 lb of force from the top / bottom and 8000 lb of force from the side, the DP6200 will do its job.



The following illustrates the design and shape of the DP6200 as viewed from the respective sides. All dimensions labeled in red are in millimeters.







Reduce Costs

An average care home may replace numerous electrical outlets and receptacles per year. Factor in materials and labor and the DP6200 will reduce costs and time substantially.

Increased Safety

Reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire to residents, staff and the facility